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Access to clean drinking water is a major problem in Pakistan. Dera Ghazi Khan, where the company's manufacturing facility is located, has some of the most polluted groundwater in the country, which is unfit for drinking and cooking, and can lead to a number of water-borne diseases.


Over a decade ago, Alhamd set up a water filtration plant at the mills premises to cater to the needs of our 2500+ workforce. We were surprised to learn that residents of DG Khan would travel miles to the plant to get clean drinking water for their families.


As a result, the company took the responsibility to provide clean water to the residents of DG Khan, which led to the inception of The Million Liter Project. Alhamd has set up and actively manages 20 reverse osmosis filtration plants in the city, with a production capacity in excess of 2.5 Million liters of clean drinking water per day. 


Education is the driver for growth for any country, but unfortunately, Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the region. Alhamd runs a scholarship program to provide need-based scholarships to deserving candidates.

We collaborate with the leading schools and universities in the country, as well as NGOs to provide an opportunity for dedicated students to pursue an education. We currently give full scholarships to over 100 students per year at leading universities such as GC University, UET, NUST, FAST and King Edward Medical College.


We also collaborate with The Citizens Foundation to sponsor an entire school on an ongoing basis near our manufacturing plant, where over 400 students are currently enrolled and receive quality primary to high school education free of cost.


It is incredibly unfortunate when someone contracts a debilitating disease, and doesn't have the finances to be able to get the medical help that they require.


Alhamd's Social Services team works closely with doctors and hospitals such as Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Fatima Memorial Hospital and the Punjab Institute of Cardiology to identify need-based candidates and provide support for medical procedures.


We finance treatments from chemotherapy to heart surgeries, as well as eye operations and fracture treatments, to contribute to the well-being and health of our society in our small way.


Climate change is a global epidemic, and Pakistan has been at the forefront of climate disaster.


Pakistan faces one of the fastest rates of deforestation in the region, leading to a number of humanitarian disasters, including the devastating floods in 2010.


Alhamd has partnered with PepsiCo and Delivetree, a non-profit organisation which has set out to plant 15 million trees in Pakistan in the next couple of years to improve the worsening situation and educate the masses about the menace of climate change.

DeliveTree - Alhamd Corp

DeliveTree - Alhamd Corp

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If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please fill out the form or contact our social services team at +9242-35775296 Ext: 250

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